How To Study Using The eSchool Platform

by Eunice Oghinan -

GPD 1 Course registration details

Start with your Basic sewing class where you will master the use of the machine. After your machine control classes, you will build skill in your basic stitching and zipper insertion.

Master measurement units and the creation of simple patterns in Pattern Making Basics

Check out our measurement taking system. The fit of the garment is built in. If you practice taking accurate measurements, your clothes will have  a beautiful fit. Measure 10 people and upload the measurements.

Move to the Sewing Class and learn more sewing techniques such as the invisible zipper and the ease and gathers technique. You will be using them often.


Now you are ready to cut and sew a garment by yourself.

Move to Pattern Making classes and learn to create your own patterns

Skirt Pattern Making- Create a skirt pattern.

Bodice Pattern Making - including sleeves and collars.

Trouser Pattern Making - Create your trouser pattern

Its advisable to follow the pattern classes in the order we have arranged to get the maximum benefit from the course.

"Your School is great"! - Vidale Flore (eSchool Student, Nnewi)

by Eunice Oghinan -

I had a chat with Vidale recently. I had not heard from her for a while.  She sent me this picture of her work:

I was pleasantly surprised by this conversation on Facebook messenger.

I do now remember saying she was gifted. She sent in her assignments like clockwork. I was pleased. It rare to meet people who are so self-motivated. With that you can't fail. 

This is Vidal. She is wearing something she made herself.

Ginani eStore

by Eunice Oghinan -

Learning goes well with books. With our book prices as low as N2,800 you can fully understand pattern making, sewing and design. Wishing you well students!

Our pattern design ebook

Learn more about bodice pattern making.

Our bodice pattern making book

You can get all this at

Our Girl Busayo Taiwo At African Fashion Week Nigeria

by Eunice Oghinan -

Busayo  Taiwo is an eSchool student.  She recently was selected out of many to take part in the AFWN.  According to  Busayo "I am so glad I took the course with GINANI!  It unlocked what I have in side of me. "  True!  We can't give you talent but if you have it,  we can give you the tools to explore who you really are.  

Here are some of Busayo's presentations at AFWN.

The Designer runway walk

Interview time.

You can see more of Busayo Taiwo's work on Facebook.